Wipe your car eyes! Special offer for headlights restoration!



Given the fact that headlights are exposed to UV rays from the sun, dust and mud from the road, it probably should not be a surprise that the top protective layer eventually fades. This allows the plastic to become oxidized, which is unsafe when driving at night or in poor visibility.


Special offer from Car Service Motionn in Rotterdam: headlight restoration service cost €56,-!



Save 30% on tyre change!



To all our customers we offer a 30% discount on tyre change service: €8,- for fitting a tyre!

*balancing is not included in this price



Please contact Car Service Motionn in Rotterdam!



Deep Clean Fuel System Treatment!


Injectiesysteem Reinigen


Deep clean fuel system and injectors treatment for petrol and diesel vehicles. Raises mpg and performance of your car, increases life cycle of the engine!

Car Service Motionn in Rotterdam offers Deep Clean Fuel System Treatment for €90,-!